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My Crystal Journey

Every one of my crystal customers has a story, a path that has lead to them to standing in front of me. Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way! Crystal journeys sometimes start in some unusual places and Kelly's Crystals is no exception.


When Kelly's Crystals first opened its doors, despite what the name suggests, we didn't own one crystal. The name actually referred to the jewelry lines designed by mom! Around a year after opening we continued to have confused visitors who assumed (rightly so) that we were a crystal shop. Well it only happened a 100 more times before I hit the internet to figure out what I was missing!


As it turns out , I was missing a lot. Crystals started to line our shelves before our journey had even begun. I could see what they meant to other people, how they effected them, yet I wasn't quite sold. But there is only so many days you could stare at crystals before your curiosity gets the best of you. So I started taking them home with me, carrying them around in my pockets. Slowly I found they obtained the power I gave them.


Just like everyone else I found I had particular colors and stones that were more effective on myself than others! Blues and Opalescence Stones (Moonstone and Labradorite) seem to have the strongest effect on me. I didn't realize the connection had become so strong until one day I accidentally lost my Larimar piece, for the next 4 days I continued to have nightmares of being silenced. Larimar, similar to most blue stones, is a powerful stone for the throat chakra and one that amplifies communication. Without it, I felt drawn back into a negative place of not being heard.


This is one of thousands of stories that my fellow crystal lovers have! They are all equally as powerful and interesting! But most importantly it reminds us that although we are all different paths we are all connected by our drive to be healthier and happier version of ourselves!

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