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Random Act of Kindness Crystal Program

Here at Kelly's Crystals we've been thinking about how we could give back to our awesome supporters, from this desire the RAK Crystal Program.

How does it work? Every week,  Kelly's Crystals will be randomly selecting (2) people from our list to send a surprise crystal to! Spreading the Love & Light one crystal at a time.

No Catch! Just sign up below to be added to our list! The only thing we ask is when you receive your crystal, post it and tag us so we can spread the word about program

This promotion is only available for those residing in the US

RAK Sign Up

Thanks for submitting!

Would you Like to Send your own RAK it crystal? In addition to the 2 we will be sending out every week, Kelly's Crystals is also giving our followers the opportunity to send one too! By purchasing the link below we will send a crystal with a note from someone randomly selected from our list,  that credits you for the RAK (First Name & Town Only) Just purchase the RAK it listing and we'll take care of the rest! This is not required to sign up for the program! To sign up for the program is completely free

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